dbjimageMy name is David Jones and as we progress through 2016 I thought it would be appropriate to take a few moments to share my message as CEO to you, our valued client.

As we continue to see the tremendous technological advances that continue to be woven into the fabric of the Septimus Jones & Lee machine, my heart continues to swell with pride as we push on over and above the 80 year mark since our inception in 1931.

Our commitment to engage and develop the best people continues and one thing that has not changed is the enormous diversity in our personnel, a vital and energised group with an enviable blend of talent, ideas and perspectives within our inclusive environment.

Our ongoing mission to service the community continues in a way that makes me as proud today as it did 50 years ago when I first began here.

And as we cast a watchful eye on the future, I am reassured that we are positioned to move forward and continue to effectively meet the needs of all our clients today and for many years to come.