In Australia there around 105,000 people who are homeless.  The Lighthouse Foundation provides young people who often come from long term neglect and abuse with a ray of hope by providing shelter with live in carers, as well as ongoing support through their renowned Lighthouse Outreach and Aftercare Program.

We are naturally grateful to Nicola Watts, formerly a Partner at Septimus Jones & Lee, who was initially responsible for making us aware of the Lighthouse Foundation and the tremendously important work which they have been doing for 20 years.

Septimus Jones & Lee is thrilled to be able to formally announce that it has now become a proud supporter of the incomparable Lighthouse Foundation.

Some of the benefits and services we will be providing to the Lighthouse include: pro bono legal work, volunteering at fund raising events organised by the East Malvern House, supporting the Lighthouse in major foundation events and lending support wherever possible to the plethora of ongoing future activities that the foundation will be involved with.

It is our intention to keep you apprised of all relevant updates regarding our involvement with the Lighthouse Foundation and we would certainly be pleased if you have any interest in becoming more closely involved, to contact us for more information.

As well we would like to provide you with the Lighthouse Foundation link which will take you directly to their website: